The Modelos are Vancouvers Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy Surfers! The group was formed in 2004 when Joe Rotundo and Mike Kenney collaborated in a songwriting adventure that would produce songs like, "Somewhere West" & "Death Ranch". Brad Ferguson and Geoff Hicks were the natural selection as the rhythm section and thus born was The Modelos!!  The group has a  unique style that mixes surf-instrumentals with an alternative country sound.  They have 2 Cd's available (see below), with their latest, "Saddle Justice" released on Northern Electric records.       

THE MODELOS (2006)  - 1st Self-titled CD!

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 THE MODELOS (2008) "Saddle Justice" on Northern Electric Records!

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 Vancouver's Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy Surfers are back! The Modelos are ridin' high in "Saddle Justice", their latest cinescopic adventures have the Modelo brothers riding along with sharp shooters like Neko Case's Paul Rigby and Mother Mother's Debra-Jean Creelman not to mention Canada's finest whistler, the Railway Club's own D. Trevlon. Their trademark spaghetti western surf sound remains but there's something new — singing!! That's right, East Van's favourite instrumental band has gone vocal!!! Much like when Dylan went electric the Modelo boys (now masked) are preparing for the bally-hoo that now awaits them. The Modelos showcase some of Vancouver's finest roots musicians. Joey and Mikey Modelo are guitar-slingers from East Van's infamous rockers, The Bughouse 5 (Mikey is also the Vancouver Canucks organist!) while Geoffrey Modelo is Colin James touring drummer and Bradley Modelo has lent his bottom to everyone from Lily Frost to Econoline Crush. So grab a drink, take a seat and hold on ...The Modelos are coming! From the Dominatrix at the disc's beginning to the Tidal Wave at the album's end, it's a wild ride of surf'n'turf!