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Coastal Jazz & Blues Society - Vancouver International Jazz Festival Presents - The Modelos Live at David Lam Park. Sunday July 3rd - Main Stage. Free!

If you’ve ever suddenly awoken to find yourself doing donuts in a kiddie pool, astride a sort of half-jetski/half-mechanical bull hybrid contraption, while also being halfway through a bottle of whiskey, then you know all you need to know about Vancouver’s spirited rock ‘n’ roll surf cowboys, The Modelos.

The Modelos & Rich Hope Live at the Brackendale Art Gallery!

Squamish Constellation Festival presents THE MODELOS + RICH HOPE at the legendary Brackendale Art Gallery About this event Slick back your hair, put on your best boots and leather jacket and get ready to rock with The Modelos and Rich Hope in a killer double bill of Vancouver's best surf rock and swaggering country grit guitar at the Brackendale Art Gallery, Saturday, Dec.11, 2021!